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You have to learn & perform the “St. Crispin’s Day speech” from Henry V.

Video: Inspiration from Branagh

Henry V (Act 4. Scene III. - “St. Crispin’s Day Speech”)

Branagh’s film is frequently compared with the 1944 film of the play directed by and starring Laurence Olivier. The visual style of Branagh’s film is grittier and more realist than that of Olivier’s. For example, his film avoids Olivier’s use of stylized sets, and, where Olivier staged the Battle of Agincourt on a sunlit field, Branagh’s takes place amid rain-drenched mud and gore.
Henry V received near-universal critical acclaim for Branagh’s Oscar-nominated performance and direction, for the accessibility of its Shakespearean language and particularly for its music.
Phyllis Dalton won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design and Kenneth Branagh, in his directorial debut, was nominated for Best Director as well as Best Actor in a Leading Role.

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Video: Inspiration from Olivier

Henry V (Act 4. Scene III. - “St. Crispin’s Day Speech”)

The film begins as a recreation of a stage production of the play in the Globe Theatre, then gradually turns into a stylized cinematic rendition of the play, with sets reminiscent of a medieval Book of Hours.

The film was made near the end of World War II and was intended as a morale booster for Britain. Consequently, the film was partly funded by the British government. The movie won Olivier an Academy Honorary Award for “his Outstanding achievement as actor, producer and director in bringing Henry V to the screen.”

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Although you’re encouraged to be as creative and ambitious as you like with your St. Crispin’s Day project, to be included here, it should at a minimum include a recited performance of lines 2262 through 2310. That’s this monologue from Act IV, Scene III:

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